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Have For Sale a brand new Dis 8 Ignition System. I paid over $1000 for it new and it has not been installed. System is 100% Complete and never left the box. Will sacrifice for $800 Plus Shipping.

DIS 8 Multi-Coil ICM, P/N 75610
ACCEL/DFI - DIS 8 Multi-Coil Ignition Control Module. This system uses the latest available technology from ACCEL/DFI to offer unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. DIS 8 is designed for Fuel Injected applications. The DIS 8 unit operates multiple coil applications using one of two triggerring configurations: 8-Channel mode or Cam/Crank mode. The DIS 8 is also capable of timing retard and rev limit functions. Included with the DIS 8 is a handheld controller which will allow you to have control directly from the driver's seat. Features that you expect from the ACCEL/DFI controller are built in to this innovative design or are available as an option. Some of these include Boost Retard, High Speed Retard, Auxiliary RPM Limit, and Main RPM Limit. Also included are a Window RPM Switch Hi & Low, RPM Switch 2 and a 3rd RPM Switch. Number of cylinders is software selectable between 4,5,6,8,10, and 12 cylinders. Two and Three BAR MAP Sensor compatible. A Hall Effect Distributor, DFI Dual Sync Distributor, must be used for the cam signal.

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