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For sale is a complete dry nitrous kit from my 04 Cobra. This kit comes complete with all lines, fittings, brackets, nozzle, wiring, switches, bottle, etc. It even includes the N2MB WOT box that is used as the controller. This kit was custom installed and wired for simple and efficient operation as well as being a mostly stealth install. When I say this kit is complete, I mean everything. No need to buy relays, fuses, additional wires etc. The ONLY thing not included with this kit is a purge switch, as I am keeping it because it doubles as my line-lock. I will also include with this kit the wiring schematic.

Here is a list of items in this kit:

NOS bottle 10# bottle
Bottle Brackets
-4 AN supply line
Bottle gauge
Adjustable pressure shut-off switch
Bottle heater
Nitrous and purge solenoids - rated to 150 hp
Purge line
Nitrous line
Red nozzle with bushing to thread into a KB supercharger (may also work with Whipples and Eatons)
4 Nitrous jets (0.032, 0.034, 0.036) - I used the 0.034 for a 50 shot
Activation switch
Solenoid and heater relays
Switch, solenoid, and heater fuses
LEDs for power and bottle heater
All wires and looms
N2MB WOT box that has rev limiter, no lift shift, 2-step and nitrous controls
Nitrous harness for the WOT box

This kit worked great and I had no issues with it. The WOT box worked to control the nitrous perfectly. The system was designed to be turned on with one switch. Open the bottle and turn the switch on. The power and heater LEDs come on. Purge the lines. When the bottle is up to the desired pressure, the heater shut off as well as the heater LED. This let you know that the bottle was ready.

$700 obo + shipping for everything.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. With fuel fittings and solenoid, this kit could easily be adapted to be a wet kit.


LEDs in the center console. Red is power and Yellow is bottle heater

Bottle, bottle heater, gauge, brackets, etc.

Activation Switch

Glove box mounted switch, WOT Box and relays.

Nitrous and Purge solenoids mounted in the passenger side fenderwell.

All black nitrous line.

Fuses and wiring

Nozzle and bushing in the back of the supercharger elbow

View of nozzle from inside intake elbow.
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