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FS Feeler: 99-04 Used Ceramic SLP LT's

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Like it said i'm looking for a offer on a set of used ceramic coated SLP longtube headers for SOHC style 4.6's. Also have brand new gaskets to go withit....

Also if interested....
Brand new : SLP cat optional shorty X-pipe /w 02 sensor extensions
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How much did you pay new for them?
I don't know a price for you but unfortunately I'm sure its more than I can spend :/
well looking for a offer...
Well I still got them, havent had any good offers
Sell the Headers for $400 OBO if you want Matching brand new SLP Xpipe with optional cats and 02 Sensors... $750 + Shipping for everything
BUMP!! OBO Looking to sell all as one if i can
BUMP Again... No one wants a set of Ceramic coated Longtubes, with gaskets, xpipe , cats that can be on or off, and 02 sensor extensions!?
would you take $500 shipped for just the headers and x pipe
OK HEADERS SOLD!!! X-Pipe Is pending....
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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