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Just testing waters to see if anybody would be interested in buy my pretty much brand new as most of you know i didnt buy these that long ago and they sat for a while and i just got them powedercoated gloss black about 3 weeks ago.. kind of having some money trouble that i duno if it will go away soon or if anybody is interested in buy+ trade for some other black rims *need rims to roll on* let me know.these things are flawless and most of you know..rims only tires are not included..

i dont really want to do this but right now i have no choice..if my situation gets better than ill keep them but for now ill see what i can get..also wont let them go for dirt cheap..let me know what you guys have pm me if interested. trying to sell locally but will ship at buyers expense.

looking for 1000+ some black or black chrome fr500's 18x9 18x10 rims may consider others post up what you have =0

heres the link to pixs..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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