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Fully Forged 5.4L shortblock from JDM.
5K miles on shortblock.
Everything looks great I pulled one piston/rod out to see what wrist pins are in it and look at bearings/etc.
Forged Crank
Forged JDM/Manley Rods
Forged Custom JDM spec'd Manley Pistons
I had planned to disassemble to upgrade wrist pins and install ARP 2000 cap-screws and re-assemble.
Has ARP main studs also.
Looking for $1,700 CASH FIRM plus shipping/Paypal will trade for Forged 4.6L shortblock(high compression alum block preferred but will consider 03/04 Cobra)(you pay shipping both ways if not local)
compression is about 9:1 on 2V(lightning/harley) heads and is about 8.5:1 on 4V(Cobra/GT500/Navi) heads.
This is a $4,500+ shortblock to buy new and only has 5K miles on it.
You could put piston/rod back in and re-torque and use as is also.
Thanks, Rick
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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