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I bought this back in December and well i cant use it. After doing some test fitting, im not going to be able to use it w/ my headers. Im running a set of 96-04 BBK cobra Longtube headers and there is literally only 3" between the collector of the header and the stock x member mounts that are welded to the frame fo the fox body cars. So im going to cut my mounts out and put in the stock 03-04 cobra ones.

So if anyone running shorty headers or maybe midlengths this should work for you. Just wont work w/ my longtubes. I dont know if it will work w/ any longtubes at all since i only have the 96-04 cobra headers from BBK. They aren't the 03-04 specific ones they sell either.

Anyways if you interested, im looking to get what i paid for it $190 shipped!! Thats a hell of a good price if you have looked them up. LMR sells this piece for $209 i believe and thats not including shipping. And guess what HPM is no longer in business so get them while you can. This is the only pic i have of the piece. It has been modified by the previous owner (see the hole in the center of the 2 trans mount holes) but its nothing major. Wont affect the piece at all.


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