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Just cleaning out the garage and all the stuff I have laying around from old builds/things that never worked out. All my prices are pretty fair, but call them OBO. Price includes shipping, please add 3% or just "gift" the money via paypal, check my feedback if you're uneasy.


**Updated November 19, 2011**

=Spec Stage 3 11" clutch & PP with plenty of good life left (used about 5-6k miles) $130 shipped
=Spec Aluminum 11" flywheel used with above clutch (used about 5-6k miles) $150 shipped
=Custom Vortech/Supercharger Bullitt/Cobra Discharge Pipe (Not the prettiest, but completely functional and aluminum) - $45 shipped
=BRAND NEW 99-04 Short style water pump w/ O-ring - $25 shipped
=90mm Lightning MAF - $50 shipped
=(8) FRPP 36lb [Dark Blue] Fuel Injectors - $120 shipped
=(8) FRPP 42lb [Green] Fuel Injectors - $180 shipped
=1 OEM Ford PI Intake w/ aluminum crossover (Plastic coolant hose port on back right broke off a piece at the top, but can easily be fixed by cutting, drilling, and installing a barbed fitting, or just filing a little plastic down and using the "shorter" port) - $90 shipped
=1 Dorman PI Intake w/ aluminum crossover - $90 shipped
=Set of PI cams - $50 shipped
=Autometer #4748 2-1/16" Carbon Fiber Ultra Lite Oil Temp Gauge (no temp sender, like $10 from summit) (GREAT condition, no scratches) - $20 shipped
=(96-98) 200-Amp Alternator (I paid $219) - $95 shipped
=(87-04) "M-7560-C302" 10.5" FORD King Cobra Clutch Kit (Stamped with Ford M-7560-A302 on friction plate, C302 being pressure plate so it requires 10% less pedal effort) (PLENTY of life left, used for 6,200 miles) -$100 shipped w/ BRAND NEW Throw out bearing)
=Couple sets of 99-04 fuel rails w/ sensors installed - $25 shipped each
=96-04 Stock P/S Pump w/ pulley (good working order) - $35 shipped
=94-00 OEM Mach 460 Head Unit (AM/FM/Cassette Top unit) F8ZF-19B165-CA - $40 shipped

Fuel Rails (Top set sold, bottom two still available)

PI Intakes (Dorman on left, OEM on right [See back left coolant port for damage])

96-98 200 amp alternator

PI cams

42lb and 36lb injectors (Top 2 pairs for sale)

Vortech Bullitt/Cobra Discharge Pipe

99-04 Short style water pump

Spec Aluminum Flywheel

Spec Stage 3 Clutch

PM or post here with any questions/picture requests. I check this very often, you will not have a very long response time.
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