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I have for sale an ASUS UltraPortable laptop for sale.

It is Black. Highlights:

- Windows XP
- 16gb SSD HardDrive
- 1 gb DDR2 processor
- WiFi 802.1b/g wireless internet built in
- 1.3 Mp built-in Camera
- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
- Carrying case
- ALL original paperwork, instructions, etc... will come with it

This is not a computer you can play 300 MegaBit games on, but, it is great for having a computer that you can take anywhere with you, and can surf the Web with no problems, especially with built-in wireless or Ethernet cable ready plug ins !!

I only used it once on a trip to Chicago. It's very compact, and can fit into the smallest of bags. It's very lightweight, and weighs something like 1.3 lbs.

It cost me $429 new, and they are going for like $299-$329 on different sites. I'm asking $150-shipped.

PM Me on here, or email me at [email protected]

Here's a link to it for sale on


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