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FS: UPR Rear Coilover Kit 10-175 with Strang shocks and 12-250 front coilover springs

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Title says it all. Recently just went back to regular rear springs. Had these on the car for maybe 200 miles if that. Swapped to MM shocks to match my front.

Shock has some wear on the top part of sleeve but that's a non-issue due to these still having a 2 finger space between the wheel at their lowest setting.

Front springs for sale due to swapping to MM front struts and their coilover setup.

Only thing you need is the lower shock mount from MM:

Front Springs: $40 Shipped

Coilover Kit: $325 shipped

Paypal only @ [email protected]

Basically over $100 off on rear coilover kit pretty much brand new. I don't drive the damn car lol

Here is album with pics:
edit: for 99-04 solid rear
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It's in title
My bad man, didn see it, did you ever run the car at the track with them?
No never. Barely left the garage 3-4 times
Ok let me do a little more research, I'm
Interested I just want to make sure they will work well with my rear suspension as Its geared more to the track
how low will these allow you to drop the rear? will it drop enough to set 295-35-18 on the wheel well?
At lowest setting there was about 2 fingers space with my 325 nittos dr
Can you send me some pics of the rear setup?
Can you send me some pics of the rear setup?
link was in first post :bigwink:

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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