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FS: Vortech S Trim V1 + Extra's

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For Sale! Vortech V1 Supercharger (Used: Serial # 06253). I'm trying to sell all of this as a package deal, with the vortech s trim you get....
00-04 Vortech Bracket
G.I. Joe 8 Rib pulleys setup, 3 spare belts
03 Cobra Fuel Tank Complete, Pumps and all
Anderson Boost a Pipe
Brand new Ford 42lb injectors
Assortment of the bolts, connectors, and tubes

Needed to make kit run....
Oiling setup

I'm located in MI a pick up would be easiest but willing to ship with costs of shipping added including material.

Asking $1700+ Shipping

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pm sent.

PM sent.
Also no Shaft play that i felt or saw visable, Miles are unknown thanks to me forgetting when i bought it used... Have had it for about a year in 1/2 while i was in the marines, got out now going to college need money. Has 3 different Pulley sizes... one a 6 rib... (2) 8 ribs... one being a brand new 03.33 (not sure of boost) other is a larger diameter
**sale Pending **
I guess back on the Market!!! guy never showed... ********STILL FOR SALE*****
pm sent!
********sale Pending *********
update? im interested in everything but the fuel tanks and pumps.
Sale did not go threw this weekend, but still in the talks
interested in the power pipe... Do you know if the power pipe would fit on a V2-SQ supercharger?
Still up for sale... All things packaged...
what is the finally price on the package shipped to 12020. Thanks
Supercharger Setup

I havent checked your zip, but to nc, I was willing to ship everything for $1900
pm'd u
It still includes everything, even the tank?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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