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At 10 psi of boost AFR stays at a steady commanded 11.3 during WOT runs. When I gave my manual boost controller a twist I got 13psi of boost, but it went lean (about 12.7). I went home and adjusted the MAF Transfer function where needed and went out for another test run. It still went to 12.7 under full boost. Added more fuel (for a total of 18% in the needed areas) and still the same.

MAF counts are climbing, MAF volts are climbing, fuel pressure is staying a commanded 39

Car is a single turbo 3v running 93 octane.

I did close my gap on my HT0s to from 32 to 28, but did not help. I did some more logging and this is what I found.

Commanded fuel pressure is as commanded (39 delta)

V Bat is right at 13.9

MAF Volts climb steadily

MAF Counts climbs steadily

Load climbs to 1.6 the starts to fall even as MAF Volts continue to increase (this is where I start to go lean)

Injector Pulse With Starts to decrease at the same time the load does

Why are my RPMs, and MAF Counts/Volts increasing but my load and injector pulse width decreasing?

I do have failed MAF tables increased to 1.9 in the higher two TPS voltage rows.

I would greatly appreciate some help on this. Thanks in advance

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