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All right I'm not going to experiment with this so, I need some guidance. You guys have traveled this road and why reinvent the wheel. So here is what I got One low mile 93 Mark VIII engine, this will remain stock for the most part, summit fuel cell, and not much else. I'm starting with nothing, want after market fuel rails, need external fuel pump, filter and regulator. Will run return style system, this does not need to be rated for over 400hp since I have no plans to ever take the motor there, the car will only weigh about 2000lbs, so I don't need to. what would you all use for lines, pumps, fittings, filters, and regulators. Any hints for laying it all out are helpful as well. All right guys lets get those ideas coming. Oh here is where I'm at with the chassis I have to start thinking about laying in the ground work for the fuel system soon.

There's lots more pics in the link at the bottom.
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