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Since we announced the jeopardy of the Modular Shoootout 4v power adder class yesterday, we have received many offers and support to help us keep the class.

Theres 2 ways to help.
#1 If you know of a company that might want to step in at this late date please get us in contact with them ASAP. The cost is $2600, less any donations made toward the class.

#2 At the request of many people we will accept donations to the class. You can paypal the money and make sure that the paypal says "Save 4vpa" in it. You can donate any amount you wish. Send donations to [email protected] paypal account. YOu can also send a check to our shootout HQ's at
282 Foxcroft Rd
Pittsburgh PA 15220

As a sign of our committment to keep the class, we will put all racer entry fees that enter that class toward the payout. Currently we have 5 racers entered, thats $450 automatically toward the payout. I

If we can get a combination of a sponsor/s contribution, plus donations, plus $450 the shootout is donating, and it comes to at least $2000 we will keep the class. I'll set a minimum payout target of $2000 that we need to reach. So thats $2250 that we need to raise. We have been in contact with several companies that might be interested so hope is not lost.

Theres no guarantees but this is a very positive step.
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