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o'k i,m a noob please play nice
#1 My 04 P71 Shifts into 5th Gear way to fast and is getting terrible gas mileage Since I put dual Flowmaster Series 10 Racing Mufflers catback turn-downs it sounds mean n loud hell yeah
anyway iv'e been told I need to buy a new chip and have it Reprogrammed a shop said he would do it all for $500 is this true? I don't know but I do know if I Buy a chip and and a tuner that's over $500 alone and is this a thing Ionly need to do one Time?

#2 Nobody carries a CAI for a 04 P71 since it was upgraded to the Marauder airbox
which is a Joke because the intake hole is behind the Left headlight and about a 3.1/2 inch hole it Looks Like a very bad Design to me the worst iv'e ever seen
Anyway i,m planning on putting one on jlt performance had for 04 crown vics and marauder's but not for P71'S and run it down close to the Grille I met some dude that did it on a 03 it Works n Looks Sweet DO you Think i'll have any smog passing Problems in stupid cali with all their dumb ass Laws ?

then go have it Reprogrammed so am I Heading on the Right track here ?
ALSO Would investing in better injectors help in any way ?
Thanks Gang

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