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Opinions on a 12.5:1 N/A 5.3L(3.7" bore 3.8" stroke)stroker and using Meth injection to run 93 Octane Pump gas or just run 11:1 compression and no Meth.
E85 would be great but is not a option as it is not available within 20-30 miles of me.
This is a 1998 Cobra street car with a/c, leather, etc. Full weight w/stalled T-brake C4 auto and 4.10's
Car will have a 200 shot on it as well for track outings.
NOS will be stand alone with 110 octane race-fuel in it's fuel system.
This car will not be driven over 40-50 miles one way at any time.
It is a weekend/evening driven car only(not a daily driver)

Is the extra compression worth the hassle?
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