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I am going to sell my '00 GT so I can step up to a 03/04 Cobra, and I'd like some advice on how I should price it. It does have 103K miles on it, but it has never given me any problems with the exception of the throwout bearing which was replaced (and I put in a King Cobra clutch then too). The engine is clean as hell, the interior is in great shape (although I am going to replace the door panels - I modified them for custom speaker mounts, and those speakers are coming with me), but the paint is another story. The paint has started to oxidize very badly which really sucks. The corner of the back bumper was hit by some unknown jackass in a parking lot so the paint there is spider webbed. My insurance will pay to fix that, so I am going to see what it would cost to paint the rest of the car solid red (it has ghost flames now, but with the condition of the paint it's a moot point). I'm also going to replace the headlights (~$100), and have the tint redone (~$200). It does have a Steeda timing adjuster, clutch cable, firwall adjuster, quadrant, and triax shifter. It also has a MAC prochamber and cat-back. It has been lowered with Eibach sportlines that have had half a coil cut from the front (for a slight rake). The wheels are 18" Ruff Racing - 8.5 wide in front, and 9.5 in the back. I am going to put new tires (Nitto 555's) on them this week because it needs them.

Now for the thing that sets this car apart from ohters - the body work. I took off the spoiler and filled the holes. I had the black plastic insert in the hood taken out and smoothed. I also had the side scoops taken off then filled - like the FR500 had. It also has a Mach 1 grill delete, and chin spoiler.

I have two questions:
1. How much should I ask once I replace all the parts, and paint it.
2. Is it worth painting it, or should I just sell it as "could use new paint"? - if I go this way, what could I get for it?

SORRY for the long post, but I wanted to get all the information out there. - THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

Here are a couple pics from when the paint looked good:

Here is the hood mod:
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