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I ordered some parts for the rearend of my solid swap, tell me what you think.

Moser 31 spline C clip axles for 99-04 mustang 8.8 w/abs provision

press in ARP wheel studs

Detroit truetrac diff for 31 spline 8.8 ford

Richmond 4.10 gearset for 8.8 ford

Richmond mega install kit w/diff & axle bearings and seals

I figured I'd build the actual rear first, giving me time to choose wich control arms, bushings, springs, shocks, etc. I got the housing pretty damn clean, and I removed the stock bushings for the uca's. Now I just need to get the wheel bearings and seals out along with the pinion races and seal? Do I need to purchase a puller or can you use simple hammer persuasion? I also tried removing the tone rings from the stock axles and they broke, so I guess I need to order some new ones, anybody know where to buy these?

Although I'm running taller tires in the rear of this car and I'll be staring at the abs light all the time anyways, I'd like to keep everything intact so that if I put 26" tall tires back on the rear sometime that everything with the abs system will still work. For now, can I pull a fuse or something to keep the abs system from activating when I hit the brakes?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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