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Two other recent mods to my child are the Raptor shift light

and Steeda quadrant and firewall adjuster.

Well the Raptor shift light is FANTASTIC! Nice small light, very bright, can mount it ANYWHERE and EASY AS PIE to install!

No tach adapters needed, no pills for RPM settings. It's got small dials on it to set RPM.

There's two wires that connect to coil drivers on the PCM inside the passenger kick panel. One last wire for ground and it's done! Run the wire under the dash and through the steering wheel - no drilling, no fabrication, no modifications at all! And it works perfectly. I have mine on the steering column off to the side, just above the key ignition.

Maybe I will stop BOUNCING off of the limiter when holeshotting now! It's hard to lay off of that go pedal when the car just KEEPS PULLING way up top! Oh well...what can I say? I'm a novice racer. If the shift light doesn't work, I'm gonna hook up an electroshock mechanism and clip it to my ear lobe. I'll have it zap me at 5,000 RPM's and I should be able to react and shift at 6500 with that kind of shift indicator.

Also installed the Steeda quadrant and firewall adjuster. This is also a great mod! I have the clutch pedal so that it engages just 2 inches after being pressed. Two inches of pedal push and I can easily shift gears. Maybe I will get more life out of the stock clutch this way.


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I agree, both are a must have. The Raptor shift light is a nice piece. Easy to install, easily programmable and no need for tach adaptors or pesky little rpm pills.

I went with the UPR quadrant and firewall adjuster. And while the quadrant is far better than stock, it doesn't have a steep enough ramp up for a quick release for me. I like the release to be as quick as possible, and think it could be better.

Once I get tired of tyring to go fast on stock F1's, and buy some tires, the line lock will be next. All are must-haves in racing.
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