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Intake for 4V = 1000RWHP ... just thinking aloud and planning ahead..

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Swapping my 2v induction for 4v induction has me thinking a bit about hood clearance. Currently I was using a Vic Jr with a 6061 elbow and 90mm TB and this juuuuuussst cleared the hood:
Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive fuel system

Now with the 4V induction soon to come I was thinking about a Sullivan intake with some sort of elbow to hopefully keep my existing TB but I'm fearing that setup is taller with the 4V heads. If it is then I need a backup plan. The Sullivan is listed at 4.5" tall and the Vic Jr measures the same...

If I don't go with a Sullivan intake is there another intake that may work that will flow enough for the HP I'm looking for (1300FWHP)? It needs to be a side entry. I was even thinking of gutting the inside of a Cobra intake and welding tubes or ?? on the inside to make it look stock but able to flow more. There are major issues with this idea since air distribution would need to be correct unless someone has already done it and proved it out..

If not a Sullivan anything else I should look at? I can fab about anything so modifying something is acceptable.

Again, just thinking and planning, dreaming...

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I need one more day. I'll be working on the calculator this evening.
I need one more day. I'll be working on the calculator this evening.
No Hurry... I just started thinking about what I need to get done and this was on my to-do list.

I was just typing up an email to Bell IC to see what info they would need in order to spec a core but then I thought twice about it just in case you preferred a different approach or you may have a contact that could be referenced.

I also wasn't sure if they sell single units or preferred more involved larger projects.

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