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What is up folks!

As always Nazty Performance is looking for a way to improve our ways and we have done so with our new style, completely modular Ported Short Runner intake.

Now, don't be scared. This is not your run of the mill ported short runner with massive loss of power/torque down low and mid range and only to have a very narrow, and peaky power band.

The way we have designed our ported short runner is to allow to change the runner configuration even after the intake has been machined! We can tailor runner length, and plenum volume specific for YOUR application. That means, we take into consideration cam selection and timing, cubic inches, cylinder head work as well as header tubing and collector size! So, this intake will be a fully customized unit to fit your application.

Now, this intake will be very, very helpful for NA, Supercharged or Turbo applications! This intake will provide the user another option to very nice pieces of equipment like the Sullivan, but without the low/mid range power losses associated with them while maintaining a stock like drivability, tenability and TB location…..and did I mention….it looks like a stocker for that extra sleeper mode!!!

This ported short runner will show little to no losses down low and mid range and bring home huge gains by 6800RPMs over a stock or stock ported intake on very mild (bolt-on) NA applications and will pick up huge gains on boosted application or H/C combinations on NA applications!!

This intake will continue to effectively extend your power band by a good 1000-1500 RPMs depending on cam selection and application, again, with very little to no losses down low or mid range! Allowing for brutal throttle response and will aid with faster turbo spooling!!

Also, another very important thing is that you will NOT need an aftermarket hood to make it fit! So, your stock hood will be more than enough! If we need to add plenum volume, we don't go up into the hood…we go down into the "lifter valley"! lol!

We at Nazty Performance start with a stock basic "C-Head" Core. We cut the stock lower plenum off, and we begin our machining process. We utilize a CNC 3 axis Mill and CAD program for the machining. So, our cuts are very accurate and repetive!

Stock Intake!

Initial cuts:

Through the entire process we measure for proper clerancing and fitment, ensuring that we are well within our tolerances.

After the machining this is how a Nazty Ported Short Runner looks like:

After that, we take our aluminum tubing (we use 6061 T6 aluminum) and cut it to fit your specific runner length. This length could be from 14" to 9.75" in length.

Then we take those aluminum pipes and put individually press them in our custom (Nazty Performance fabricated) dies.

And the result is on a runner "bell mouth" or velocity stack with the proper taper to match the C-head intake runner and a radius calculated to your runner length and runner cross-section.

After that has been calculated and the runners have been pressed. We proceed and fully port the upper intake plenum six feeder ports, and we fully reshape them, then the runners injector bosses and runner is fully ported and reshaped and the velocity stacks are attached and epoxied into place.

Then we utilize our dies and cut off a piece of sheet metal aluminum and "end caps" specially molded to clear the runners and to an specific lower plenum volume.

Then, they are hand fitted and TIG welded!

After the TIG weld process the intake is hot tanked two times, and high pressure air "blown" (lol), from there we coat with 1000F ceramic and you get what we call…..a "Nazty Ported Short Runner" intake!

All Nazty Performance Ported Short Runners are serial numbered and documented for our custumers!

So, there you have it!

Just another option for your Naturally Aspirated, Supercharged or Turbo combination that utilizes the stock TB position and will not require an aftermarket hood or aftermarket fuel rails!

Estimated time to fabricate a custom Nazty Performance Ported Short Runner is ~three (3) weeks.

If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate and post or email me at for more specific details at:

[email protected]


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Looks great whats the price?

I am in Austin would you be interested in putting this on a single turbo to show power gains over stock?

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I have to apologize since my pics got mixed up with the ported Terminator intake....some server is tripping! lol!

Here are some early numbers this is on a mild NA motor:

Just in:

+15RWHP @ 5250RPMs
+8RWHP @ Peak RPMs
+52RWHP @ 6850 RPMs!!!!!!!!!

This is OVER a ported intake!!!

We are static!!

Single Turbo and TT data coming soon!

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