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Well, I pulled the pan off my trans and didn't find anything good. The fluid looked good, but there was a thick layer of clutch material on the bottom of the pan. I don't want to chance putting it in as is. I thought about rebuilding it stock but I have a credit at the boneyard I deal with. They have a hand full of low mile Mark VIII trans. A post 98 trans was mentioned in a past post of mine that they were stronger. A Marauder trans is out of the question, they don't have one. What about those sport Crown Vics? Or can I only use a DOHC trans. It would also need to be able to use my 95 Mark VIII harness as the wiring has been started in the car. I could re wire, but I would rather not.


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Wow. OK, there are two different tailshaft lengths with the 4r70w transmissions. The P71(police package) Vics, and the Town Cars I think have an extended tailshaft, and a slightly shorter driveshaft. 2V or 4V, doesn't matter, same trans, same bellhousing bolt pattern.
The 98+ transmissions definitely are a lot better, better parts inside(accumulator pistons, etc.), so they definitely are more desirable.
Regarding re-wiring, if you want to use a '98+ trans with the '95 PCM and trans harness, you will have to do some rewiring.
I am running just such a combo. I run a 2001 Mustang GT trans, with a '94 MarkVIII PCM.
The newer trans uses a circuit-board-style of wiring harness, instead of actual wires, like the earlier transmissions.
You have to swap the '95 solenoids/sensors/actual wiring over to the newer trans, since the newer sensors have differnt electrical values, and you want the '95 PCM and trans to be able to communicate with each other.
So you'll have to swap:
TCC solenoid
EPC solenoid
Temp sensor
Both shift solenoids(there are two of them)

The crappy part about this, is that in order to remove the trans bulkhead connector and wiring, you will have to remove the valve body. It's not that hard, just be clean, take your time, get a new gasket. I got a kit that had all the proper solenoids, etc. I'll have to see if I can find the site that had the kit. I was able to swap all the sensors/solenoids/ wiring in like 1/2 a day, taking my time.

This page has a ton of information regarding the different transmissions and the different years/sensors, etc.
TCCoA Transmission Article - Page 1
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