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Ok, there is NO quality assembled diecast model for our model years. The only one I am aware of is a MotorMax 1:24 (which I have) that unfortunately is of inferior quality. So I'm starting the below to TRY to convince GMP that there IS a market for our models. Please read the below & if you'd like to help "the cause" and possibly have one in your collection someday, send some emails!

I called GMP & spoke with customer service (of course you can't speak directly with the people making the decisions!) BUT she said she knew Mustangs are one of their more popular lines & in her experience licensing from Ford is usually the biggest hurdle (other then assessing marketability) She said the best way to get the development team's attention is sending an email via their webpage. And of course the more the better! So I ask you to do the same if you want to get their attention.

So if you want to see 96-98 GT's/Cobra's from GMP let them know using the form below:

CLICK HERE-> GMP Diecast - Contact Form

Or you can send a direct email to the president of GMP, Tom Long, CLICK HERE -> [email protected]

I will try to post this info on other SN95 forums (svtperformance, corral, moddedmustangs, svtsnake, SCMC, phillystangs, njstangers) if you know anymore, please feel free to copy this & post there. Would be great if we could flood them with a few hundred [LEGITIMATE] emails to let them hear what the consumer is looking for & that no one else has anything comparable available.

If you're not familiar with GMP's products, check out this page with their current Mustangs (especially the new '93 streetfighter with a vortec & gauges, etc...amazing detail) I have several of their models & once you've seen one up close, nothing comes close!

Be sure to reply to this thread & let everyone know how much interest there is in this product.
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