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Ever wonder what it takes to keep a 820 ft ship underway for 9 months, well here is a little taste! Home in 7 days!!!

USS NASSAU Mediterranean/Arabian Gulf
2002/2003 Deployment Highlights



Second Fleet: 20 of 20 days (100 %) underway
Fifth Fleet: 187 of 197 days (94.9 %) underway
Sixth Fleet: 50 of 60 days (83.3 %) underway
Combined: 257 of 277 days (92.7 %) of deployment were underway

Operations and Exercises:

Exercise Dynamic Response (Kosovo) 18 Sep 2002 - 23 Oct 2002
Croatian PHIBLEX (Croatia) 01 Oct 2002 - 05 Oct 2002
Exercise Image Nautilus (Djibouti) 07 Nov 2002 - 16 Nov 2002
Operation Enduring Freedom 26 Oct 2002 - 11 May 2003
Exercise Iron Magic (UAE) 04 Jan 2003 - 14 Jan 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom 28 Mar 2003 - 30 Apr 2003

Port Visits:

Thessaloniki, Greece 16 Sep 2002 - 18 Sep 2002
Rijeka, Croatia 27 Sep 2002 - 30 Sep 2002
Marmaris, Turkey 11 Oct 2002 - 14 Oct 2002
Thessaloniki, Greece 21 Oct 2002 - 23 Oct 2002
Mina Salman, Bahrain 29 Dec 2002 - 02 Jan 2003
Mina Salman, Bahrain 02 Feb 2003 - 05 Feb 2003
Mina Salman, Bahrain 19 Apr 2003 - 23 Apr 2003

Navies Operated Alongside:


Command Awards: Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
COMNAVSURFLANT Surface Ship Safety Award 2002
Excellence in Health Care/Patient Services (Green "H")
Supply Management Excellence (Blue "E")
Engineering Excellence Award (Red "E") Intelligence Excellence Award

Community Relations Projects: 1

New Fathers: 33


Strait/Canal Transits:

1. Strait of Gibraltar 2 (10 Sep 2002 and 17 May 2003)
2. Suez Canal 2 (26 Oct 2002 and 11 May 2003)
3. Bab El Mandeb Strait 2 (30 Oct 2002 and 7 May 2003)
4. Strait of Hormuz 4 (Inbound 26 Dec 2002 and 10 Mar 2003)
(Outbound 6 Feb 2003 and 2 May 2003)

Total Strait/Canal Transits 10

Total Miles Traveled 52,245 nm

Navigation Details 54


Smallpox Shots 980
Anthrax Shots: 2876
Sick Call Visits: 3722
X-Rays: 86


Ammo Expended:
7.62 BALL A130 10,000
M-60 LINKED-A131 32,250
9MM-A363 25,435
50CAL LINKED-A576 20,000
20MM LINKED-A676 10,000
20MM Depleted Uranium 5,400
25MM-LINKED-TP-T-A976 15,000
25MM LINKED- HE-I A981 10,000
7.62 GRENADE G839 150

Gunnery Exercises: 78

Combat Systems

PAC Fire Exercises: 10

Incoming E-mail Totals: 3,119,827
Outgoing E-mail Totals: 1,964,151


Fuel Figures:
F-76 Received 10,491,628 Gal
F-76 Used 10,217,018 Gal
JP-5 Received 1,952,045 Gal
JP-5 Used 1,550,293 Gal

Water Figures:
Produced 28,458,018 Gal
Used 30,733,884 Gal


Mediterranean Moorings: 0

Sea & Anchor Details: 25

UNREPs Conducted: 27

CONREPs Conducted: 36

VERTREPs Conducted: 22

Ballasted Hours: 520

Marine Onloads/Offloads: 5

Maritime Interdiction
Operations Boardings: 0

Aircraft Control
Aircraft Intercepts 130 (Training only)


Flight Hrs: (Day/Night/Total/NVG): 10228.96/2557.24/12786.2/1917.93

Landings: (Day/Night/Total/NVG): 10500/1070/15000/3390

Aircraft Moves: 7200

Elevator Runs: 5000


Advancements last cycle 135
E-4 Advancement Rate 69 %
E-5 Advancement Rate 47 %
E-6 Advancement Rate 19 %
E-7 Selectees 7
E-8 Selectees 5
E-9 Selectees 2
Officer Promotions 15

Qualifications (projected to end of deployment)
Command Qualification 1
Surface Warfare Officer 9
Officer of the Deck (Underway) 17
CIC Watch Officer 13
Tactical Action Officer 4
Ship's Weapons Coordinator 7
Engineering Officer of the Watch 8
Surface Warfare Medical Officer 9
Navy Aviation Supply Corps Officer 3
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialists 348
Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialists 355

Reenlistments and Retention
Reenlistments 158
Combined Total of Years 649
Reenlistment Rate 86.9%
First Term Reenlistment Rate 83.1%
SRBs 85
SRB Amount Total (Tax Free) $1,456,473.04

Pace Courses
4 Terms, 15 Courses (Math, History, English, Psychology, Spanish, Criminal Justice)
Enrolled 539
Received College Credit 477


Cost of Food Consumed $ 4,476,756
Bacon 11,184 lbs
Beef Patties 20,831 lbs
Ground Beef 46,435 lbs
Cereal 317,016 individual bx
Chicken 154,393 lbs
Chicken Wings 65,078 lbs
Coffee 5,246 lbs
Fresh Eggs 1,000 gal liquid eggs, 29,233 frozen eggs, 33,630 dz fresh eggs
Flour 93,040 lbs
Freedom Fried Potatoes 24,600 lbs
Lettuce 62,839 lbs
Milk, Fresh 40,235 gal
Peanut Butter 959 jr, 622 hd
Potatoes, Fresh 66,788 lbs
Rice 40,563 lb

ANORS Parts 174
CASREP Parts 166
Requirements sent to CONUS 9,594
Average Delivery Time 7 Days
ARGIMA Report 294 Jobs completed

Total Weight of Mail Received 700,000 lbs
Total Weight of Cargo Received 1,487,360 lbs
Mail Received during Flt Quarters 500,000 lbs
Avg Time for Delivery of All Mail 15 days

Haircuts 15,500
Laundry 230,000 lbs
Ship's Store Sales $ 2,177,691.36
Soda Sales $ 349,792.40
Number of Sodas Sold 699,585 cans
Supplies Received via VERTREP 8,960,000 lbs

Deployment Summary

USS NASSAU (LHA 4) returns 29 May after an extended nine-month deployment including participation in Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM.

USS NASSAU departed Norfolk on August 26th, 2002, as part of the NASSAU Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) accompanied by USS TORTUGA (LSD 46) and USS AUSTIN (LPD 4) on what was scheduled to be a seven-month deployment. From Norfolk, they proceeded to Onslow Bay, North Carolina, where the Marines of 24 Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) [24 MEU (SOC)] embarked. The NASSAU Amphibious Readiness Group then proceeded to the Mediterranean Sea as part of the U.S. European Command.

After offloading the Marines of 24 MEU (SOC) for their participation in operations in Kosovo, USS NASSAU made port visits to Rijeka, Croatia, and Marmaris, Turkey. While off the coast of Croatia, NASSAU participated in Croatian PHIBLEX in conjunction with Croatian Army, Navy and Marine forces. The ship then completed the back load of 24 MEU (SOC) and transited the Suez Canal, transferring to the Fifth Fleet, where the Marines of 24 MEU (SOC) and crew of USS NASSAU participated in Exercise IMAGE NAUTILUS in Djibouti and Exercise IRON MAGIC in the United Arab Emirates.

On March 20th, 2003, as the crew of USS NASSAU began preparations to conduct their turn-over with USS IWO JIMA and begin the transit home, the United States began military operations in Iraq. On March 26th, the day before the crew of USS NASSAU was to begin our trip home, we received word to make preparations to join the Coalition Forces of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. USS NASSAU proceeded to Kuwait to once again offload the Marines of 24 MEU, as they deployed into Iraq. The Marines of 24 MEU conducted combat operations in Iraq for one month before returning to USS NASSAU. During this same period, NASSAU conducted daily flight operations, launching AV-8B Harriers flown by Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263 in support of combat operations. The ship began its transit home on April 30th, over one month later than the date our homecoming was originally scheduled.

Upon our arrival in Onslow Bay, North Carolina on May 26th, 2003, NASSAU will debark the Marines of 24 MEU (SOC) for the last time. Since our formation as the NASSAU ARG at the beginning of our Inter-deployment Training Cycle, we conducted 8 complete onloads/offloads of 24 MEU (SOC), the most of any ARG since WWII.

Returning to Norfolk, USS NASSAU earned the right to display the Homeward Bound pennant as we pulled into port, one of few ships in recent years to be deployed over 270 days. The red, white and blue pennant includes a blue field with one white star, which traditionally is presented to the Commanding Officer. Pieces of the remaining red and white stripes are presented to each crewmember that successfully completed the entire cruise. USS NASSAU's Homeward Bound pennant measures 400 feet in length, extending from the ship's mast to the ship's fantail. The length of a ship's Homeward Bound pennant is traditionally determined by adding one foot for each crewmember who completed the entire cruise not to exceed the length of the ship. Using these guidelines, NASSAU's Homeward Bound pennant could have been double the length used, as over 800 NASSAU crewmembers completed the entire 277 day cruise.

USS NASSAU's homecoming will be especially memorable for her crew because the day will also be remembered as the date of the ship's Change of Command. After USS NASSAU makes her triumphant return to Norfolk, the crew will bid farewell to our Commanding Officer, CAPT Russell P. Tjepkema. CAPT John L. Green, who previously served as NASSAU's Executive Officer, will take command in a short ceremony to be held in the ship's Hangar Bay after the ship moors at Norfolk Naval Station.

While NASSAU's crew saw few ports during this deployment, spending just under three weeks in port during the nine-month cruise, we take pride in knowing that, because of our efforts, Saddam Hussein and his regime were removed from power, thus making the world a safer place by eliminating a known supporter of terrorism. We participated in events which will forever be a part of our country's history.

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