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Guys & Gals, Ive extended a special invitation for members of ModularFords to co-mingle with imports & other domestics on my new site. The Crossroad is a car club for all makes of cars. There are some really hot cars already involved, from Imports to Domestics, finally a place for people to appreciate a fine looking car without calling it rice or *******. The local BMW club along with a lot fof other car owners are joining in as well. It's designed around the REAL enthusiast, the owners....and focuses on the passion most of us have for our vehicles.
The thing that puts this club apart from the others is the quality of the vehicles allowed membership. Anyone can register with the site, and chat in the forums, but it takes more than most to be accepted as a representative member of The Crossroad. This includes judging of your car by the charter members if attending cruises etc...
I highly suggest everyone check out this site due to the fact that it is based in the DC metro area but expands online to enthusiasts nationally. There will be shows, local events, and organized races as well. The site isnt REALLY big yet, but it will be soon with your help! Welcome ModularFords !

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