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Bought some black ceramic JBA's (they're outdated but never used)and the quality is horrible! The ports dont resemble a head port at all. They look more like holes in a fence than real primaries. Totally out of shape and looks like they were formed out of play-doh. The drivers side collector outlet is also only 1.9 inches. What a joke.

There were about 4 big chunks of metal dangling inside where the primaries meet the collector. I stuck a little bar in there, and these pieces just popped right off. They were just waiting to be sucked into my motor.
The welds in the same place create a big lip where the primaries dump into the collector. That's gotta be good for airflow.
I opened up the driver's side collector up to 2.1 inches as opposed to the 1.8 is was before. Thought it was 1.9, but not.
I took alot of material out of the primary entrances to match it out to the gasket. There was so much to remove, it took about an hour. Still looks like crap. BTW, you shouldnt be able to grind away at weld with a rotary burr. These welds are totally soft and its no wonder these headers crack.
In the driver's side collector, it looks like they ceramic coated over a bunch of dirt. I sanded that out.
Pass. side collector flange was far from flat. Took a bench stone to it.
All the primary flanges werent even close to being flat when I layed a straight edge on it. Took a bench stone to that as well, but still couldnt get it perfect.
How the hell did these headers get such a popular reputation? They are garbage IMO. My Macs were top notch compared to these. Even after all this work, I'm still thinking twice about putting these on my car.
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