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I know that there are many guys around here that go way back before modular Mustangs. Those who have been there can appreciate how amazing these new cars are!

With the 5.0 fox Mustangs I have owned, running 10's meant a ticking clock on the stock engine. Some would get lucky and last for a while. Others would injure the engine immediately. But it was common knowledge that 10's meant a new engine was in order...sooner or later. They just couldn't handle that kind of power.

That was ESPECIALLY true with the 93 and later emmissions-comliant silicone / hypereutectic piston engines. 13 lbs of boost from an S-Trim would burn holes in those pistons quickly!

Inevitably, we all had to drop $5K plus on a engine rebuild with forged parts. And, even from the best of engine shops, it was still a crap shoot and the engines would require a freshen-up every season or two.

Looks as though these problems are a thing of the past now. This is my first modular Mustang. Honestly, I never liked them but the 03 Cobra was irresistable.

Some of the old school racers like Big Daddy used to say that the 4.6 mod engine was a superior design and would exceed the performance potential of the 5.0 in time. You sure were right, Dwayne.

I can't believe how EASY it is to put togather a low 11 / high 10-second street rig with such AMAZING comfort and streetability. WHO WOULD EVER HAVE THOUGHT IT POSSIBLE? I remember the time and money I used to spend to achieve that (and not so long ago)! And I never did - not like the 03 Cobra.

And who would EVER have thought that FORD would get us there? Do we all remember the power rating of, say, the 92 LX? It was some embarassing numbers like 240 HP...and they actually made like 205 on the dyno's! Firebirds and Camaro's would HAND US OUR ASSES all day long. If you wanted performance from your Ford, you had to rely on the aftermarket. You put an S-Trim on your LX and then drivability was questionable at best. Careful with that gas petal or you'll be in the weeds before you can blink an eye!

It's all speculation at this point, but I honestly believe that these cars can harness power to dip into the 10's and remain mechanically sound. I believe that because many are damn close now and running strong without problems. That's about where I want to be: high 10's and unprecidented drivabillity.

Just wanted to say that I applaud the efforts of both parties in this upcoming shootout. These guys are gearing up to run 10's in their 03's without NOS and with fundamentally stock rides. And their cars will drive around about the same as stock 03's. It doesn't matter who wins that shootout - not to me. I am sure that they are both anxious and working very hard to prepare. I hope that EVERYONE supports and appreciates their efforts. They will continue to make break-throughs and we will all benefit from it.

The GM guys will be watching that shootout and shaking in their shoes. And then those prototype designs will translate into retail and, in time, we will all be in those 10-second rigs. Driving around, looking for the GM bogies and getting a little payback.

Good luck to Pete and Jim. You're doing us DAMN PROUD and we're behind you both.


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Well put, I also feel that that the shootout will benefit everyone. 10's with perfect drivability and a/c or not that far away. Nitrous Pete and JDM are showing us that now.

Perfectly said Hammer!!!

And to think we knew Pete back When.....shoot...he had a Mopar when I first raced him :)

First time I met Pete he was driving a friends 63 Falcon with a 351 in it , I think.....I think Emerald Elusion was the name on the back.

And then the 5.0's many street racers didnt know what hit em when some guy named Pete came around...and in time....after others knew he was running nitrous and damn good at it......who is that?.....thats Nitrous Pete!

Then we have Jim D'Amore......where does he get all those wonderful toys the magazines would type. He has paved quite a path for alot of us Ford guys...and even helped get a prototype mustang or two before they were crushed :rolleyes: He sure does have some awesome connections up in the Godly ranks of Ford.

What better two people to start the next craze in Ford Land.
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