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JT !!! You're even more famous!!! Autoweek!

In the March 31,2003 Autoweek magazine they did another write up on the 2003 Cobra Mustang and have some letters posted from owners of the beasts. And JT is in there talking about 03 in all her "Fairmont" SVT handling expertise and Viper power! I wont say your full name JT, because I am not sure if you wanted anyone knowing, since you dont have it posted ever buddy. But congrats!

Also there is a letter from Joseph Panciarello from Bay Shore NY telling them how simple mods make our cars produce 482 RWH...way to go! Your famous too!


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I went to a dyno shop today and saw the same magazine, at least i think it was...Anyways i saw an article about nitrous pete and JT and a few others.

BTW: dyno numbers where 397rwhp and 369 rwtq
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