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Ok, here's the deal. I had a problem after installing my KB that when I started it it idled at 3,000 RPM.

a fellow member told me that he had the same problem and that the single blade TB would solve my problem.

I just did four things:

1) installed the Boost - A - Pump
2) installed some Denso irridiums (IT20's)
3) installed the KB single blade TB
4) installed the KB CAI

After reinstalling the negative battery cable, I cranked the car over and it started right up! It idled great for about 4 seconds then died.

what's your best guess?

I'm thinking that when I wired the BAP (#1) did I wire it backwards? Did I not ground it properly (used a location where other stuff was being grounded) Am I keeping the fuel pump from coming on?

What your thought? How would I check if the BAP is working, coming on?
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