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Hey guys, have a few questions:

1. How was the tuning?

2. What hp/tq would I expect with a KB at 13 psi, a full exhaust with LT's, and a DC CAI?

3. 17 psi?

4. Will the 42lb/hr injectors support the KB?

I'll find out sooner or later I guess, just curious and excited!

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Hello, Steve.

1. Not sure about KB tune. I put #55's in the car with the KB install (thank you Alan Kennedy aka Injector Dude). But the Nitrous Pete / Diablo tune is perfect.

2. My guess with those mods is 500 RWHP @ 13 psi.

3. 560 RWHP

4. Stock injectors will work up to 20 PSI (as per Vic @ KB). This works but is not the optimum setup. Go with the #55's. Contact Injector Dude or one of his vendors.

I'm not an expert but I did my best. Hope it helps.

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