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Kooks 1 3/4 Long Tubes's for 96-04 CHEAP

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Kooks Stainless 1 3/4" Long Tube Headers & 3" Offroad X Pipe for 96-04 2v 4.6. They have slip fit collectors, and individually removable header tubes. The bad news is, the bottom of them have ALOT of damage from the car being so low, the collector, and a short portion of the bottom primary tubes are in ROUGH shape. The x pipe doesnt feature a bolt together setup to bolt to a catback either, you have to weld mufflers to it, or add flanges for a catback setup.

This is an $1100 exhaust setup, will sell the whole thing for $300 SHIPPED (provided I can get the x pipe in a box with the headers, if somebody doesnt want it, and just wants the headers, we can probably work something out though, since it may be more trouble than it's worth)

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how much for headers only shipped to 07420
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