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Had a local peformance shop to add more mods to the stang,

latest mods,
-Installed procharger 8 rib kit
-T-56 6 speed
-Ford racing aluminium driveshaft
-Spec stage 3 clutch
-custom made 3 inch H-pipe
-Steeda ajustable upper control arms
-Lower control arms
-Steeda sub frame connectors zinc
-#20 braded rad hose
-Fluidyne 3 core rad
-Long tube header wrap
-Snow stage 3 water/meth injection
-Custom braded lines and fitting
-Custom tank for the meth with low level sensor in the trunk
-nos nitrous system installed (have not tune with yet,waiting next summer)
-Autometer shift light
-Nos switch installed

tuned the stang and it made 570 rwhp and 470 torque at 21 psi on a built 2v motor(not trying to push the stang to the max).We are gona replace my stage 3 blower cams to stage 1 cams next summer to get more torque and also tune it with the nitrous system at 100 shot more even more Hp hoping to reach 610

For the complete mods that done the the stang

Engine mods
-Complete built longblock with ported heads and blower cams
-20 over JE pistons
-Moly rings
-Eagle H-beam rod
-Scat steel crank
-All ARP hardwear
-Cobra oil oumo with billet gears
-Moroso 7-quart pan
-Cosmetic head gasket
-Fox Lake stage 3 CNC ported heads
-Stainless valve (stock size)
-Comp valve springs with titanium retainers
-Livernois motorsports cuatom cut stagr 3 billet blower cams
-Federal mogul machined bearings
-Oil cooler adapter
-Procharger D-1SC with 3 core intercool
-Richard racing intake
-Richard racing 2.9 non slip pulley
-8 rib pulley kit
-Stage 3 boost cooler peformance meth
-NOS Dry kit(have not tune with yet)
-Fluiddyne 3 core rad
-60 pound injectors
-vortech race style blow off valve
-BBK painted valve covers
-Crome power steering tank
-Crome radiator overfloe tank
-Polish radiator tank
-Polish high amp alternator
-Optima red top battery
-Polish battery cover
-Crome fuse box cover
-Polish oil overflow tank
-Braded #20 rad hose

-Complete saleen body kit
-Saleen tounal cover
-Saleen roll bar
-03/04 cobra mirros
-Cervinis cobra r hood
-March 1 grill delete
-Crome saleen bumper lattering
-Tinted taillights

Interior mod
-C2 autometer gauges
-C2 autometer boost gauge
-C2 autometer air/fuel gauge
-C2 autometer voltmeter gauge
-C2 autometer fuel gauge
-C2 autometer nitrous gauge
-C2 shift light
-Autometer shift light gauge pot
-NOS switch
-Billet shift nob
-03/04 cobra leather shift boot
-Painted interior panels
-Saleen race style pedal

Fuel system
-03/04 cobra tank
-twin cobra fuel pump
-kanne bell booster pump
-# 8 fuel lines
-60 pound injectors
-UPR fuel rails

-Eddel brock long tube headers
-Custom off road h-pipe 3 inch
-Flowmaster 40 series mufflers
-3 inch crome tips
-headers heat rap

-Saleen 13 inch brake (front)
-Bear brakes with 11.5 inch drilled and slotted rotors (rear)
-Ford racing line lock

-Complete coil over kit for the front
-K-member frame
-Drag suspension for the rear
-Maximum motorsports caster camber plates
-Steeda upper and lower controll arms
-Sreeda traction bars
-Steeda sway bar

-Ford Racing 4.10 gears

- Trimec T-56 6 speed
-Aluminium flywheel
-Aluminium driveshaft
-Spec stage 3 clutch
-Mgw short shifter

-Crome 18x9 inch saleen wheels for front
-Crome 18x10.5 inch saleen wheel for rear

-BFG 265/35/18 front
-BFG 295/30/18 rear


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Damn that is one sick ride!

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Dood, I think you have every mod possible. Nicely done!

How do you like the remote meth tank? That would be great for my car. I run out of meth so fast and there's no room left in my engine bay for a bigger tank.
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