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Lentech AOD w/converter and flexplate

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This was built for a Lightning and never installed. 3spd (OD deleted) manual valve body with 10" converter (3000stall) and flex plate. Ready to race.

Must sell! Make offers......

Rated to 1000hp with standard Stage2 Pkg!
Features the 1-2-3/4 shift pattern originated by Lentech, engine braking in manual second, and electric overdrive delete (or lockout).
This transmission is pressure modulated, meaning the throttle pressure cable controls the mainline pressure with the opening and closing of the throttle. These units are fully automatic with manual shift capability, and their shift "feel" is custom tailored to your application based on information taken about your combination at time of order. With non-lock Street Terminator units, overdrive should remain locked out until at freeway speed.
.Quality selected core, completely stripped, all major components washed and inspected for excessive wear
.Pump modified for better lube and cooler flow
.Clutch cylinders modified for extra clutches
.26 modifications in strategic areas for efficient clutch operation and life
.6 "high energy" 3-4 clutches
.3 redlined intermediate clutches
.5 or 6 "high energy" forward clutches
.3 or 4 reverse clutches
.New redlined O/D band
.All new seals, gaskets, and filter
.New bushings and thrustwasher (where needed)
.New intermediate one-way clutch and spiral lock ring
.New low one-way clutch
.Lentech 1-2-3/4 Valve Body with electric O/D delete
.Hardened 35/26 spline Stage2 1-piece input shaft
.Stage 2 26 spline direct clutch cylinder

.New oil pan and bolts
.Re-assembled with all critical clearances adjusted for high performance/racing use
.Cast gray finish
.All complete units are dyno tested to insure a quality product
.Lifetime LTD warranty
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what are you looking to get?
I've got 5k in it with the converter, flex plate, and freight. I'd like to see 3.5k out of it. It's never been run in a vehicle and I just had it bench tested again to make sure all is good with it. Receipts available if necessary.
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