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Linear Knock Sensor Diagnostic Parameter

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Hi all,

I've been asking around on this one, but no luck so far. I am in the process of investigating a tune issue with my 2008 Saleen S302E (all stock, with stock Saleen tune). The car is a little short on power, and a little rich (500 RWHP, 10.0 A/F ratio). Digging into it, my suspicion is that the knock sensors are falsely registering knock, and retarding timing (and perhaps enrichening the mixture - I have heard that other ECUs do that, not sure if Ford's does...).

My problem is that the only PID available for logging the knock sensors is the "Linear Knock Sensor Diagnostic Parameter" KS1 and KS2. I can log these, and see the values climbing and bouncing around, but I have no idea what the values actually mean. I even took the car to Ford and they hooked it up to their IDS tool, but that just gave the same values, and the tech didn't know what was a good or a bad value either.

When I log, I see KS1 and KS2 < 100 at idle. When I go to WOT, they bounce around, but reach as high as 2000 (I am using an ElmScan5 and ScanXL - I get about 3 data frames/second when logging KS1/KS2/load/spark), so peak value may be higher. On a non-WOT drive with the Ford tech, KS1 peaked at 1000 or so, KS2 was less at around 600...

So, does anyone know what this parameter actually means? I know the thresholds are probably adjustable, but in a stock Ford tune, what level of KS1/KS2 is considered "knock"?

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