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my car is apparantly in dire need of a custom tune since my long tube headers were installed. i havent picked up any et or mph with the them... if anything ive actually lost power seeing as i havent matched my previous bests.

i raced in some of the best air possible (33% humidity, 30.30baro, 45*) yesterday at Atco, and the track was hooking like crazy. i know that weather and prep isnt a factor. my 60's were the same yesterday as they were on my best pass ever and my driving was on the money.

my previous bests were with stock manifolds and a Flowtech off road X in similar air to that i raced in yesterday.

typically, do LTs make a car rich, or lean? i really have no clue.

do i need to buy an aftermarket MAF to get tuned? if so, which is preferable to tuners?

my current mods are listed in my sig except for the IAT sensor is in the fender, and i remove my headlight.

thanks for any help,
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