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Great news. We have received $900 in donations so far to keep the class running. This combined with the $450 (registration money already collected from the racers that preregistered) gives us $1350. I"d like to keep the promised payout of $2600, if we can't get that we need to get to at least $2000 for a decent payout.

If you know of any company that is willing to take the class ($1250 for the single rights, or $625 if we can split it thru 2 sponsors) we will be bailed out completely.

If you would like to make a donation please send it thru Pay Pal to [email protected] or send a check or money order to
Modular Shootout
282 Foxcroft Rd
Pittsburgh PA 15220

Please make note some where that its for the save the 4vpa fund.

Thanks to everyone thats donated so far, you guys are incredible and I will personally never forget it.

Dave King
Event Promoter
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