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LOUD top end noise! HELP!

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Very loud ticking from top end of motor. Its an 2006 3V mustang , 11:1cr, comp cams stage 3 N/A cams and springs , Livernoise phaser lockouts, heads ported and springs weight set for cams. I have changed the lash adjusters AND followers twice with NO luck. Idk what else it could be. Please help. Thanks.
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Ill be sure you figure out how to do that tomorrow.
phaser lockouts ?? could be making tapping sound
Yes i have livernoise phaser lockouts installed.
Here is the link to the video on youtube.
Have you taken the front timing cover off to check the rest of the timing components? Chains, tensioners, chain guides and tensioner arms, crank chain sprocket and the crank timing gear? Also would be good to do a compression and leak down test. Do you know anyone with a good scope that you can put down the spark plug holes to see if you have a busted ring land?
No i didnt take the timing cover off i used the wedge. I guess ill be removing the cover soon as i get the other two mustang s back together. Thanks...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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