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A friend is selling the Kenne Bell 2.8H Mammoth kit that we pulled off of his 03 Cobra so he could go with a twin turbo set up.
He bought the blower new directly from Kenne Bell in December of last year, I think. He put 800-1000 miles the car since then. On about 25psi, the car made right around 830 hp and low 700 torque just with ported heads and cams.
Here are two vids of the car on the dyno with the Mammoth.

He is throwing in a Billet flow 2.76 & 3.65 pullies with the billet flow hub.
He will also be including CPR fuel rails that were machined to clear the big intake plenum. I do not think that there are any aftermarket fuel rails that will clear underneath the plenum of the Mammoth without machining. The blower plate has also been machined for the bolts to clear the fuel rails.

The only thing that will not be including with the kit that Kenne Bell sent is the battery relocation parts. Since the intake plenum is moved to the driver's side, Kenne Bell sent a kit that moved the battery to the passenger side.

So $4500 plus shipping for the KB Mammoth kit with instructions, machined CPR fuel rails to clear the plenum, 2.76 & 3.65 pullies, and hub.

I will try to have some pictures this weekend.

He is located in Mesquite, TX
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