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So its officially time to clean em up and start cruisin again so I am organizing a spring cruise for all to attend. Cars Trucks Bikes etc. so let all your friends know!! I am currently mapping out this cruise so far we will be making our way up north through the mountains to enjoy the scenery and some kick ass twisties and will eventually wind up at Chatterbox where I am told there are quite a few high end cars that visit there regularly. I am posting this on a few forums so we should hopefully have a GREAT turnout. I will post the official route by the end of the week so if anyone has the means to I suggest you come along.

March 7th

Cheesequake Rest Stop GSP @ 12pm

We may be stopping to meet other cars along the way but this is still all tentative so plans may be altered slightly. If you know of any other stops we should make please by all means let me know. Good Friends and Good Fun!!! Cant WAIT!!!

Post up if your coming
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