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Mark VIII Oil pan fittment

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I've got a 1997 Mark VIII engine that I'm planning on transplanting into my 2001 GT Mustang. I've searched the site trying to find out if the Mark VIII oil pan will fit the 2001 GT platform or will I be required to replace the pan on my Mark VIII with the 2V oil pan?

I've searched and read numerous threads, but none specifically mentioned if you must replace the Mark VIII pan when going into a 2001 GT. Thanks!
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I don't think the MarkVIII oil pan will fit your chassis because of the kick-out on the passenger side.
It might possibly with a tubular K-member, but I doubt it.

I would think that a Cobra pan would fit, since it came in your chassis.

I had to use a MarkVIII oil pan because my car is full-frame, and any other pan interferes with my front frame crossmember.

If you have a MarkVIII oil pan in good shape, definitely hold onto it to sell, they are getting hard to find.

I have heard of differently sized crank counterweights hitting the scrapers on the stock Cobra pan, but I don't think the MarkVIIIs had that problem.
2V holds 5-quarts of oil VS 6-quarts for the Cobra pan.
The 4V motors really need that extra quart, what with twice the valvetrain.

The "kickout" on the MarkVIII pan is for that extra quart of oil capacity.

Plus, your '97 motor has the high-volume oil pump, I'd be afraid of starving the motor for oil with a higher flowing pump, and a recuced-capacity 5 QT oil pan.

Just my .02
Mercenvy, I agree with you about the keeping the pan, but will the Mark VIII oil pan fit with the stock crossmember in a 2001 GT?
actually the 2v pan holds the same they just chnged the dipstick ther later 2v took 6 too our old 02 gt took 6
Has anyone kept the Mark VIII oil pan, when transplanting the engine into a 1996 - 2004 GT?
Mercenvy, I agree with you about the keeping the pan, but will the Mark VIII oil pan fit with the stock crossmember in a 2001 GT?
I don't know because the car that I swapped my motor into was not a Mustang.

Because of the kickout on the side of the oil pan, I'm guessing that the MarkVIII oil pan won't fit.

The only way to know for sure is to just drop it in and see if it fits????
I thought the 2v and 4v pans were the same after seeing the Ford Racing pan was listed as 2v and 4v, and also comparing that pan to the pics in Hyland's book.

Here is a cool thread with pics showing pan capacity:
The MarkVIII has a very unique oil pan, it has a "kick-out" on the pass side to hold an extra quart of oil.
If the Mustang and the MarkVIII have the same stock K-member, then it should fit.
But I haven't done it myself.
The Mark VIII pans are different and I've read in many conversion post they changed the pan, but none said there were clearance issues. If you look at the Canton pans for Mustangs they have very simular kickouts on the pasenger and drivers side. I guess I'll have to get under the car and take some measurements to resolve the issue, thanks for all the great comments and help. Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Alloy wheel Rim
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I tried to use the mark 8 pan in my 91 fox. But it made contact with the k-member. So I used a 2v oilpan. It will work with a tubular k-member. I just didn't have one at that time.
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