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I am trying to keep the pounds off, especially up front, so when I got the metco Pulley, I was dissapointed to fint the bracket weighed about 3 lbs.

A little time on a Bridgeport, and I had a 1 lb bracket or so.

Don't worry Doug, I will not be going into the billet businss anytime to soon!

I like the Metco for the way it attaches and it gives the abaoulte max belt wrap.

Doug's is prettier.

2003 Sonic Blue Mustang Cobra Coupe.

(Just waiting in the barn for April 1!)


170 Deg Thermostat.
MM full length subs

QMP 3" 304 S/S exhaust With Cats
Amazon Diablo 2 program w/ single burn street Chip
Amazon/ Razor 3.10 upper pulley

Royal Purple Lubes Everywhere
Water Wetter in Intercooler

BilletFlow Throttle Body
Metco #2 lb & 4 lb lower pulley kit ( 2 lb installed currently )

Metco 100MM upper idler with lightened modified bracket.

Reinforced the Rear Seat delete kit with added trunk bulkhead for a kind of sweet big Rotie/lab mix.

Amazon Stage 1 Filter kit
Amazon Diablo 2 program race/street Chip
Denso Iridium plugs IT-20's

On order:

Gatorback belt # 4080797


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