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I am still doing a search getting all the info I can, but wanted to throw my idea out there and get some opinions from some people who have done this and to possibly see what else I am needing to complete the swap. Here is what I have in the garage (it is not running yet and has been for sale, but tired seeing it there):

1998 Ford Mustang Cobra
Tubular k-member, A-arms and Coil-over’s
Upper and lower control arms in the rear
2003 Cobra long block stock with 18,000 miles. No blower, no intake plenum. Has a front cover for a '99 Cobra . Also has complete entire wiring harness from 03 cobra along with the computer.
01 ported Cobra intake
BBK Twin 65mm throttle body
60 lb. injectors with harness
SCT 2800 mass air meter
Ford Racing Blue Valve covers
Accel Coil-on-plugs
flowmaster cat-back
Aluminum driveshaft
2 T-45 transmissions with a King Cobra Clutch
Full Areomotive fuel system Part # 17145 (Brand New, Not Installed)
stock sumped fuel tank
8.8 with strange axles and 4.10 gears
Car was going to run twins on it.

I would like to swap it all in my wifes 93 hatchback.along with a turbo (maybe). I just want to get everything in the car and running before I make that decision. I know i will need a k-member, but not sure what else. The a/c and p/s all still need to work. I have no problem taking everything I can/need off of the 98 cobra (and I mean ANYTHING) Any info or references would be greatly appreciated.

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