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I am looking to sell my TH400 swap as a complete kit. This will include just every piece that you need for the swap aside from a few nuts bolts particular to your application.


* Proformance Racing TH400 trans, upgraded main shaft and forward drum. Standard gear set. Reverse manual valve body. Your mod motor will not break this trans, ever. I have $3000 into this trans alone.
* PTC 9.5" converter built for small cubic inch, large turbo combo. Works incredibly well compared to some of the turbo converters available for 4v combos. I have been 1.24 60' with this converter. I can leave anywhere from 3200 - 5000rpm on the 2 step. Basically makes 0-15 psi on the brake and anywhere in between. Spools very fast.
* JW Bellhousing - mod motor --> TH400
* JW "The Wheel" flexplate
* JW pilot bearing for converter to trans
* Steel driveshaft that bolts to 8.8" rear. Will measure final length tonight.
* B & M Composite X carbon fiber shifter
* Shifter linkage
* External big ass B & M cooler with -6 SS lines and fittings. May need to be tweaked, depending on where you put the cooler.
* Lokar dipstick
* Trans overflow/puke tank

This is about $5k worth of stuff. $3600 for the complete swap.

I know its not cheap, but like a wise man once told me, "It costs a lot to be cool "

PM me if interested! This will be gone in the next week or two! Everything is out of the car, ready to go!

Please PM or email [email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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