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We are just about finished with the 2003 Modular Shootout highlight video. All that is needed is some last minute touches on graphics. Both DVD and VHS versions have double sets. The first video is Saturday highlights and is 55 minutes long. The second video is all of Sunday highlights and is 1 hour 42 minutes long. Theres plenty of coverage which means that we have every elimination race from Sunday on the video. Theres also interviews with 11 different racers.

The video should be ready to ship to replication by Oct 1st. We are hoping to have them back starting to ship out Oct 7th.

To purchase the video go to

Here's some small snippets of the 1st video of Saturday.
Small portion of the 5 minute intro
Tim Matherly taking on Jim Wagner in 2vpa qualifying.
Cody Mac in 03 Cobra qualifying
Video commercial we made for Dynamic that we are very proud of.
Aaron Archer taking on Uncle Wayne in Qualifying.
Bob Trinanes lights up the tires
Small snippet of Bob Trinanes car feature
John Mihovetz taking round 1 against Billy Glidden
Scott Winger interviews Car show participant Darren McFarrlen
Interview with Car show participant Fabio
Interview with Car show participant Tim Weir
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