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Have seen this before, thought it would be kind of cool.

Post modlist/pictures of your ride, to see what different setups are being used out there! I know some people are (quiet) about their setups, but I'm sure most people will post up!


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OK, here's mine. I don't have anything severe done to mine, no power adder, nitrous or anything like that.... but I'm gettin closer to heads and cams.... just they cost some much damn coin!!

Mods List:

Performance Mods Done:
Accufab 70mm Throttle body and Plenum.
UPR Intake Spacer. FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft.
Steeda Underdrive pullies with harmonic balancer.
BBK ceramic long tube headers.
High flow cats.
Stainless Steeda Catback.
Diablo Preditor tuner.
Cobra Brake upgrade with hawk pads front and back.
Baer Eradispeed 13" rotors front and back.
Hawk Performance Brake pads front & back.
JLT Performance CAI.
Raptor Shift Light.
FRPP 3.73 gears.
TA Performance Rear end Girdle.
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch.
Billet Firewall adjuster with Billet quadrant and adjustable clutch cable.
MGW Shifter and MGW Pony Shifter Knob.
Steeda Springs.
Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates.
Edlebrock adjustable upper rear control arms.
Hotchkiss lower rear control arms.
Koni Yellow double adjustable Shocks and Struts.
Steeda Full length subframe connectors with battle box re-enforcements.
Full urethane bushings front and back.

Appearence Mods:
18" CT-R Ford GT Wheels with 295/30/18's out back and 265/35/18's up front.
Mach 1 Grill delete.
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler.
Custom painted interior panels.
Tinted windows.
Billet shifter ring.
Billet door handles.
Billet door locks and power/window buttons.
Steeda stainless kick panels.
Bullitt pedals.
Steeda Billet Fuel Door.
Custom Valve covers.
Billet engine caps and trim.
Redline Tuning Stainless steel Hood Strut kit.
Steeda Functional Race Wing.

And some pics.....


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Those wheels are awesome dude!

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Alright ill let you guys see my lil setup..

First off its a true Roush. Stage II

Alright in most pics you will see Novi 1000 but it has a 2000 now.

402whp on mustang dyno

Novi 2000 S/C with 3.5 pulley
Front Mount intercooler
Vented not recirculated with Vortech Mini Race bypass
SVT Focus pump and Kenne bell boost-a-pump 42#inj
3.90 gears
Spec Stage 2 Clutch
Diablo MAFIA Massair
Xpipe and Spintech mufflers

Sparco Seats (16pounds). Rear seat delete. Roush Short throw. Roush Gauges, floormats.

Other.. Stock 18X9 and 18X10 Roush wheels.. Roush Suspension..


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Real nice guys. Lookin forward to seein those numbers CBR. Your combo looks impressive.

Zapp, like you set up as well, and I am really liking those Sparco seats and the delete in the back. Have you use them on any longer cruises? How comfortable are they?

Thanks.... I would like to eventually get some like these, but I still like to go on the really long roads trips, so comfort is a bit of an issue.:thumb3:

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Real nice guys. Lookin forward to seein those numbers CBR. Your combo looks impressive.

Zapp, like you set up as well, and I am really liking those Sparco seats and the delete in the back. Have you use them on any longer cruises? How comfortable are they?

Thanks.... I would like to eventually get some like these, but I still like to go on the really long roads trips, so comfort is a bit of an issue.:thumb3:
Ya they are perfect for me. Im skinny, if your anywhere id say 175+ pounds they are a bit snug. Longest drive i did with them was probably 3hrs.. No issues they are not real hard I think they are perfect.

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^^^ Good God that's a huge intercooler.

I've done too much crap to my car to list. I try not to think about it actually. Here's a basic rundown...

Built Teksid aluminum block, stock heads, MPH cams, 2.1KB 14psi, home made CAI, custom head cooling mod, home made air-water intercooler, Cobra tank/pumps, Promotion 3650 tranny CF DFX clutch, FRPP aluminum DS, Auburn Pro rear, Griggs TA/PHB/coilovers in the rear, Griggs Kmember/Aarms/coilovers in the front, custom 8-point roll bar, Corbeau seats, aftermarket stereo system, 3 different sets of tires, a lot of gauges and switches for the ricers to droll over....And sitting in my living room right now waiting to be installed is the SLA set up from Griggs.

Some pictures. A trip back through time over the last couple of years and a shitload of paychecks...


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^^^^^^^ Wow man, that is NICE!! How much work was it to shave your engine bay down? Looks awesome... probably one of the nicest I have seen. Great job.:good:

BTW, what is your alt held on with? :eek:k:

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Hours, I have no idea, as I worked on it on and off for a month when I felt like it. It gave me something to do while I was waiting on engine parts to arrive. I had done this before on my 94 GT, so it wasn't anything new. I really didnt weld in any holes, but rather welded on a panel to cover all the BS. All wiring routes behind those panels, which helps clean up some clutter. This is my everyday driver, so downtime had to be minimal, which is why I didnt go all out, but just enough to clean it up some. Certainly could have done much more to clean it up but that all takes time and I didn't have much considering what all had to be done with in the time it was down.

The alt is held on by two bolts on the lower two mount ears.

I'm sure there are more then a few missing things in that photo, as that's when I had it down to go over some things.

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TurboOrange- BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!

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Power Adder:
Kenne Bell 2.6 L High Output Twin Screw Intercooled Supercharger - Blowzilla
- Garrett Bar and Plate Intercooler

Tuned By:
Dave Guy -- SGS Automotive (Kauffman Motorsports), Dillsburg, PA

Engine: (Built by Bob Laurer - L&B Engine Develpoment)
2007 Ford Motorsports "Romeo" Cast Iron Block
Kellogg Forged Steel "Cobra" Crankshaft - 6 bolt
Triangle Speed Shop Billet Oil Pump Gears
Custom "One Off" Race Bearings
Ford Motorsport High Volume Cobra Oil Pump
Canton Road Race (Baffled) 7 Qt Oil Pan
Canton Windage Tray
Eagle Forged H Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Fasteners
JE Forged -17cc Aluminum Race Pistons
JE Chrome Moly Piston Ring Kit
Ford Romeo 2 Valve heads with Custom bowl work
Heads Ported and Polished by the incredible Bob Lauer
Oversized Manley Stainless Steal valves
VT Engines Stage III Supercharger Camshafts
-(.545/.545 lift, 238/242 .050 duration, 115 LSA)
Comp Cams Hi-Load Beehive Valve Springs
99 Timing Cover (For 3 Bolt Tensioner)
8 Rib Kenne Bell Ford Cobra \ Lightning Pulley System
Accufab Big Oval Kenne Bell Cobra Throttle Body
Energy Suspension Motor Mounts
Optima Red Battery
Modular Depot EGR Delete Kit
JLT High Boost Cold Air Intake Kit
K & N 12" Conical Air Filter
Ford Racing Performance Water Pump
Steeda Oil to Air Seperator for Supercharger

Drive Line / Transmission:
Promotion Performance Prepped Tremec 3650 5 Speed Manual Transmission
-Carbon Fiber Syncros
-Liberty Gear 26 Spline Input Shaft
Promotion Performance Firewall Adjuster, Adjustable Cable, and Billet Quadrant
Promotion Performance Custom Clutch Disc Setup for 750 HP
Custom Spec Pressure Plate
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
ARP Flywheel Bolt Kit
Ford Motorsport Aluminum Driveshaft
Ford Motorsport U Joints
Energy Suspension Transmission Mounts
Royal Purple Transmission Fluid
MGW Quick Throw Shifter
Tremec Que Ball Shifter Knob

Exhaust System
Mac 1 5/8" Long Tube Headers
Mac Offroad H Pipe
Flowmaster American Thunder (Super 40's) Cat Back Exhaust
BBK O2 Extenders

Fuel \ Ignition \ Computer System:
Twin Ford GT Supercar Pumps
Fore Precision Works Fuel Hat
Ford Shelby GT500 twin FPDM's
Lethal Performance Dual FPDM wiring kit
10 micron Aeromotive Fuel Filter
Fragola Push Lock -8 AN Fuel line from tank to rails
Custom CPR Fuel Rails for Kenne Bell superchargers
2003 /2004 Ford Cobra Baffled Fuel Tank
SCT 2800 Mass Air Meter w/adapter plate
MSD Blaster Coil On Plugs
Edge Motorsports 60 lbs Injectors
SCT 4 Bank Programmable Chip
NGK TR-6 Copper Spark Plugs

Front Suspension:
PA Racing Tubular K Member
PA Racing Tubular A Arms
TRW Greasable Ball Joints
KYB AGX 4 Position Adjustable Struts
Eibach Pro - Kit 1.5" Progressive Rate Lowering Springs
Urethane Steering Rack Bushings
Energy Suspension Sway Bar Links
Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings
Energy Suspension Spring Isolators
Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates
UPR Bumpsteer Kit

Rear Suspension
Maximium Motorsports Extreme Duty Lower Control Arms
-With Spherical Bearings
Maximium Motorsports Sub Frame Connectors
KYB AGX 8 Position Adjustable Shocks
KYB AGX Quad Shocks
Energy Suspension Spring Isolators
Eibach Pinion Snubber
Eibach Pro - Kit 1.5" Progressive Rate Lowering Springs

Interior / Gauges:
Auto Meter Lunar Series Dash Cluster
Auto Meter A Pillar Triple Gauge Pod
Auto Meter Lunar Series Mech. Boost Gauge
Auto Meter Lunar Series Electronic Fuel Pressure Gauge
Innovate Motorsports LC-1 Wideband monitor with XD-16 gauge
Custom CJ Pony Parts Floor Mats
MSD Shift Light
Mach 1000 Audio System (1140 peak watts)
- 7 amplifiers, and two 10" subwoofers

2003 Cobra Front Bumper Cover
-Painted by: Show Stopper Customs
Cobra Front bumper Grill Delete Kit
2003 Cobra Black Chrome Wheels (OEM Pony Centers) Front 17x9 Back 17 x 10.5
-Sumitomo HTR Z Front 275/40/17
-Sumitomo HTR Z Back 315/35/17
HO Fibertrends 2 1/2" Cowl Hood
-Painted by: Show Stopper Customs
Custom "Mustang GT" Graphics on Doors


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2000 Mustang GT 4.6L 6 speed

MODS PERFORMED: (the ones I can remember...)
White face gauges
Steeda 3 bolt Caster / Camber Plates
Steeda adjustable clutch quadrant + cable
Polyurethane motor mounts
2 1/2" Fowmaster American Thunder Series Catback system
BBK Roush 75mm Throttle body
90 mm Ford lightning MAF meter
42# FMS injectors
Ford Racing 373 gears
Saleen Series IV Supercharger & 2.8" pulley
SCT X-cal handheld with 2 custom JDM Engineering tunes
Demolet 100mm Cold air kit with Green filter
Mobil 1 synethic in Engine & T-56
Metal tint, Tinted windows
1999 Mustang Cobra rims
Sumitomo HTR3 255-40-ZR17's
2 1/2" UPR "X" pipe with converters
Eibach sportline lowering springs
Lowering bushings for steering rack
Suspension aligned at -1 Camber, 4.5 Deg Caster and Toe in is set to Ford's spec.
Spec stage 2 Clutch
Detroit Truetrac differential
2003 Cobra aluminum driveshaft
2004 Cobra T-56 with Pro-5.0 shifter
UPR 1/2" driveshaft spacer
Chicane intercooler upgrade
Kenne Bell BAP
01-04 smoked headlights
Phantom Autometer boost gauge
Innovate LC-1 wideband with LCD gauge


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Hey Green, off topic, but I know you have a bit of experience with those blowers.

Is there much of a power gain by swapping from the plastic series 1 ( I believe), to the aluminum piece? Im curious, as the plastic piece looks very restrictive to me.

My father owns an 02 S281 SC, and was looking for something different, so I fabricated him a custom inlet for the series 1 blower his car has. I have no idea on what kind of gains he will see, but it is MUCH less restrictive then the plastic stock part.
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