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Most of the mods are in the sig. The inlet and TB are new. The inlet is a custom sheetmetal inlet from Turbocooker (a member of this forum) and the throttle body is a dragon big oval.

Tires are 315/35/r17 M/T DRs

Blower made 15 psi with a 2.5 upper and 7.5 lower and an 8 rib setup and before the inlet and TB install.

Should make 17 now.


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2000 mustang gt

stock motor
kenne bell 2.1 non i/c 6 psi boost
kenne bell boost-a-pump
pypes off road x pipes
k&n cobra cold air kit supplied by kenne bell
auto meter sport comp boost guage
white cue-ball shifter knob
01 cobra front bumper cover
mach 1 chin spoiler (removed)
toyo proxes t1r 255/45/zr17 tires on stock wheels


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  • Bored .020
  • Forged Steel Crank
  • SRP Pistons
  • Forged H Beam Rods
  • Ported Heads
  • Custom Grind Cams
  • Springs/Retainers
  • Meiling Oil Pump
  • Cloyes Timing Set
  • Felpro Gaskets
  • TKO600 Transmission
  • Mcleod Single Disc clutch
  • Steeda Shifter
Power Adders
  • Saleen Series IV Whipple
  • Zex Wet Kit (50/175)
Fuel System
  • 60lb Injectors
  • Modified stg2 FPDM
  • Dual Ford GT Pumps
  • PPRV Delete
  • Modded Fuel Hat
  • Chicane 2.8" Pulley
  • Chicane Intercooler
  • Chicane Idler Pulley
  • 7.5" IW Crank pulley
  • BBK Headers
  • Bassani X Pipe
  • Bassani Catback
  • Custom CAI
  • 90mm MAF
  • 75mm Accufab TB
  • 160 Thermostat
  • 3.73 FRPP Gears
  • Zex Window Switch
  • Zex Bottle Heater
  • Zex Purge
  • Ford B Springs
  • Edelbrock Adj Upper/Lower Control Arms
  • Rear Sway Bar
  • SOS Pod (Boost/Fuel PSI gauges)
  • Cobra R AFS wheels
  • 3" Cowl Hood
  • SCT Xcal2 Tuned by PUR Performance - 93oct/VP100 Mix Tune 550hp/630tq


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1.7 kenne bell, 9lb pulley
Custom intake, and custom plenum in the works (like rickyll7)
Siemens 60lb injectors
Ford GT Fuel Pump
PPRV delete
MAC H pipe
Mgnapack catback
Tubular K-member
Tubular A-arms
MMR Coilovers
MM CC plates
UPR upper and lower rear control arms
26 spline inputshaft (broke the stock 10 spline)


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WillyMO, is that the blower off of KBGT2000's car here in STL?

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Mach 1 Chin Spoiler and Grill Delete
17" SVE 40th Anniversary Wheels - 10.5 rear/9 front

Tokico HP shocks/struts
Steeda HD Rear Upper Control Arms
FRPP C-Springs (isos removed front and rear, 1.25 coils cut from rear)
Steeda X2 Ball joints and Bumpsteer kit
Steeda adjustable rear sway bar
MM Subframe Connectors

FRPP 3.73 gears
Steeda Triax Shifter
CAM Long tube headers
Catted X-Pipe
Pypes Violator Catback
03/04 Terminator clutch

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1999gt 5speed car
corbeau race seats
mach 1 delete
mach 1 chin spoiler
2.5 cowl hood
17inch saleen sc wheels
steeda tri ax
kooks long tubes with x-pipe, with mac catback
full racekraft kmember kit up front
subframe connectors
raptor shift light
built rear end with 4.10 gears
trick flow 38cc heads with vt stage 2 cams
accufab plenum and throttle body kit
straight shot mac intake
90mm maf sensor
30lb injectors
meizere electric water pump
steeda udp
stock pi manifold
steeda aluminum upper and lower rear control arms
no front sway bar
subframe connectors
sct tune
autometer gauge cluster! very hard to find they no longer make it

heres the track setup


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^^^ Looking good man, those SC replicas look great on there.

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@Tombstone02, i have the same springs and shocks/struts as you, how does it ride with the isos removed all around and the cut springs in the rear? i am thinking of doing the same


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Modified 03/04 Corba inlet (Needs cleaning, and wire/hose movement which I'm in the process of now).


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New kid on the block here so I havent done too much to it yet.
So far I have
CAI through the fender
Crower stage II cams
175 thermostat
Mongoose SVE clutch
HD T45 master rebuild
fresh synthetic rear diff fluid w/ friction modifier
Pypes offroad X pipe
Bassani cat back
trying to find a shop around to dyno tune since I added the cams. living in the boonies sucks

Cosmetic upgrades
Speeding ticket performance red paint
Mach 1 grille delete- carbon fiber wrapped
mach 1 chin spoiler
Carbon fiber wrap for rear panel blackout
Smoked headlights and foglights
matt black rear spoiler
03 Corba rims, 9 inch front 10.5 inch rear

upcoming upgrades
full Roush stage 3 conversion, interior and exterior as well as underhood

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Mods include:
Forged Crank
Forged MANLY 18cc Dished Pistons
Forged MANLY H Rods
Clevite bearings
Childs and ackerly Rings
ARP Bolts through out motor
MMR High volume oil pump
PI Patriot Stage 2 Heads- ported and polished with larger valves
Trick Flow Intake manifold Plenum
75 mm bbk throttle body
42 lb injectors
80mm MAF
IAT relocation
Vortech V2 S-Trim supercharger 14lbs of boost
Twin high volume Cobra fuel pumps
Canister fuel filter on frame rail
BBK ceramic coated headers
Magnaflow stainless steel exaust off road x-pip
SPEC 3+ clutch
SPEC billet flywheel
Tockico shocks
Eibach pro kit
Maximum Motorsports caster / camber kit
Subframe connectors
Steeda Triax shifter
3.73 gears
31 spline Moser axles
Aluminum drive shaft
ZR FRPP 500 style Black - 18x8 front wheels, 18x10.5 rear wheels
VIS Racing Sports Carbon Fiber 4" cowl hood
Sylvania Silver star headlights
Tinted windows
Bullitt pedals
Steeda adjustable cluch cable and quadrant
Innovate Wide band sensor and controller
SCT Power Programmer

VIDEO to start off with:

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