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October 30th, 2002

Modular Shootout World Headquarters:

The 5th annual Ford Modular Shootout has just taken Ford Modlar Racing to the next level. To match
the record shattering ET's, the payouts for the 2003 Ford Modular Shootout have just gone through
the roof.

For starters, the Ford Modular Shootout has just shattered the single Modular Racer payout record.
$15,000 will go to one lucky Modular 4.6 Open Comp racer. The total purse for the 4.6 Mod Motor
open comp class is $20,000. This means that every Ford Modular Racer has a chance to take home
unheard of money at National Trails Raceway in Columbus Ohio on July 26th, and 27th, 2003. The
Modular Shootout Challenge is expecting to shatter the record attendance for Modular racer
participation and anticipates over 100 Modular Racers alone will participate in just this one class.

Look for large payouts in all other Modular Motor classes as well including the new additions of Pro
and Street power adder classes. For 2003, there will be Pro Power adder classes for both 2 and 4
valve cars. There will also be street power adder classes for both 2 and 4 valve cars. This will
significantly level the playing field for all types of Mod Motor cars that have power adders. The purse
for the newly formatted program will be available shortly. Stay tuned.

Look for rules on the ground breakng 4.6 open comp class as well as the rest of the classes in the
newly designed website (available in December). The official
event website is the place for all your Mod Motor Shootout information. If you can't wait till July 2th,
you can cure your crave for Mod Motor performance, and download some of last years races of the
official website.

The Modular Shootout and all Ford Extravaganza is planning on big changes for 2003. A venue
change, the largest cash payout in Modular Racing history, and new race classes are among these

For 2003, the venue has moved its location to National Trails Raceway in Columbus. In addition to
being one of the premiere tracks in the country, and hosting a National NHRA event, the location
becomes more central for many more Mod racers.

The All Ford Extravaganza will include a huge ALL FORD car show, and more all Ford classes.
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