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Modular Shootout Webmaster Position...

Web site designer - The Modular shootout needs a
Website designer for our 2003 event. Please take a look
at for the direction of
design we want to go into.

*Any interested candidates please make a short but
effective home page with a creative design taking into
consideration our past 2 event websites. The design
doesnt have to be the actual design we eventually use.
We just want to get a feel for each persons capabilities.
*We will then choose a handful of designs we like and
talk to the some of the designers over the phone, then
narrow down our decision.
*At that time we will select the person that we feel
best fits our team.
*That person would then be a paid employee of the
Modular Shootout and become a part of our team.

We can not afford to pay people for their time if we
do not hire them. Thus we are saying up front that if
you are interested in participating in our tryout,
please understand that it is your time you are donating.
If you don't get hired please don't ask for us to pay
for your time

All inquires should be addressed to
[email protected]
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