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I just made the final changes to the chat room.

It should connect much better now. I am no longer using the forum integrated chat, so you are free to use whatever nickname you would like. Keep in mine your nickname cannot begin with a number. Spaces should be avoided also unless you use an underscore "_".

I have not had alot of time to test everything, so let me know if you have any problems.

The link is at the bottom of every page of the forums, here is the link in case you would like to bookmark it.

- Link removed - chat no longer available -

For those of you already familiar with IRC, just connect to the Undernet Network and join channel #modularfords

I'll try and type up some instructions for using mIRC sometime tonight. Again, let me know how this works for you guys. There are always at least 10 people in the chatroom, some guys stay connected, so if no one talks to you, they may be away from the computer.

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