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Discussion Starter · #1 · is more fun for ya Eric for Photo Shop :D
I think that is Marlon's and Finicky's 03's (dont quote me though)
Claim your cars.....
Snake attack!! (My03SVTCobra)'s car and his friend Josh's Viper
Nitrous Pete's 03 Cobra...KOM taking in all the facts...PJ's Mike explaining everything...
335 35 17's sure do look sweet!(owner:Josh)
I love these Sonic Blue Colors!!!!
I think KOM stole a whole pie and ran!!! :D
Thanks for the Pizza Linn and Rick!!!!! Yum Yum!
I think this is the one that the Key was left in the ignition while a chip was being taken out...dont quote me on that either....just remember to take the key out gang..or disconnect the battery to be safe all together like I do.
Same Cobra as above...Sonic Blue is sooooooo sweeeeet!
Nitrous Pete's Car waiting to be thawed out.
Nitrous Pete's 101 Cobra Class
This one is (my03svtcobra)'s 03 Dark Shadow Grey 03...Wow!
Here is another...I think its (2kBill)'s car...real nice car! Just like my Dad's.

Remember Gang...I will have alot on tape or CD or DVD of the whole day....its not that long...but you get to hear and see these awesome cars strutting their stuff!!

Just let me know if I should do some on CD DVD or VHS.

Enjoy the pics.....sure you dont want to do this, this weekend too. :D

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Nice job Harry ! I'm laughing :cool:

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Thanks Pete !.....I can think up some pretty funny subtitles for alot of those photos.

Eric can have a blast thinking up stuff I am sure too. Wish I had the time to do some of the photoshop editing...just cant do it at this time. Thanks for taking the time Eric!

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Originally posted by Hot Rod Harry
Snake attack!!
335 35 17's sure do look sweet

Like I have said...I stink at remembering names...I talked with the owner of this awesome 03 alot too....

Just let me know if I should do some on CD DVD or VHS.

Enjoy the pics.....sure you dont want to do this, this weekend too. :D [/B]
thats my buddys viper Josh and my vert thanks i like when other people take pics of my car
get me a dvd what ever the cost !!! ASAP
oo please
thanks harry

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Glad you liked the pics....especially the ones of your car :D

Tell your friend Josh, we thank him for bringing the Viper up...pretty cool car man. They are just so nasty looking!!

I will get those DVD's and all made up this week. I will even except Pay Pal to make it easier to get them out as fast as possible.

As soon as I get a tally on the cost to get this done, I will pass it on and then just figure in ...probably use USPS Priority Mail Service.

I love watching the tape...its awesome!! I do have one 45 second area of me taping the floor ....forgot to turn the camera off....duh :( The sights and sounds of these cars on the Dyno are going to be worth every penny.....very cool !!!

I will only charge what it costs me...not in it to make money...just to share the day.
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