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I have just bought this car over the weekened. The car no longer has the stock pcm and has been uupgraded to fast. The car cranked and drove fine when I picked it up and when we got to the house we made a pull on the dyno and never saw a problem either. I washed the car when we were at the dyno cranked it up and drove it to dry it then put it in the garage for the night. Keep note the msd is below the front left bumper. When I got home today and went to start the car it was just barely acting as if it wanted to turn over but wouldn't do a thing. We saw that starting voltage was low so we knew the msd wouldn't fire so we put a jump on the car and it started. I smelled something electrical burning and the msd plug had burnt slightly. Also there was no spark before it did this. Maybe because of amperage. The car would not crankback so we unplugged the MSD then plugged the stock ignition back up and there was fire. Car cranked perfect but with any boost the spark would blow out. Here are some mods to get a better look. I would appreciate any help THANKS ERIC

Engine: Motor built By Alternative Auto
All forged internals
Manley Rods
Diamond Pistons
Total seal rings
Race Bearings
Blueprinted Oil Pump
Fully ported heads
SHM Blower Cams
Dual Valve springs
Vortech V-1 T Trim Blower with 8 ribs (pullied for 18lbs)
Air to Air front mount intercooler,2 Bypass valves
F.A.S.T. EFI Management with Wideband 02 option
83LB injectors
SHM Fuel Rails
Aeromotive Pickup with Bosch 360 pump and all braided lines!
Cartech Regulator
Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump
Accufab 90MM T-body
MSD Dis 4
MSD Race Coils
MSD Super Conductor race plug wires
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